Wordpress Emergency Recovery Script

When access to Wordpress admin dashboard is not possible, when core files are compromised (accidental delete or malware, got hacked), when you get the white-screen or can’t log in for whatever reason. Emergency recovery script for Wordpress is a standalone, single-file, WP independent script created to recovery a WP site in the most difficult situations.

There are two ways to use the script: have it ready on the site in case of emergency, or upload it only when needed. On production sites, when big and potentially dangerous changes rarely happen, we suggest uploading it only when needed. On test sites have it ready because there’s a higher probability that you’ll need it.

wordpress emergency recovery script

Recovery Features

  • De-active/Active plugins (full list of all  existing plugins).
  • De-active/Active themes (full list of all existing themes).
  • Scan/Re-install Core Files for WordPress.
  • Reset user privileges and roles, emergency password reset
  • Create admin account.
  • Server information.
  • Change WordPress URLs, Site Address (URL)
  • Requirement: correct wp-config.php DB mysql connection

Get it here : https://www.tutbox.com/wordpress-emergency-recovery-script

If WP is running normally, and you can access the admin, then there’s no reason to use it.



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